Ian Davenport

At Garrett, we’re always looking for team members who know how to get in the swing of things, which is why we’re proud to introduce full time project engineer and part time golfer Ian Davenport, who has recently completed his second year of service with Garrett.

Ian is originally from Hot Springs, and returned home after spending several years in Denison, Texas, where his father was a high school football and golf coach. He spent a lot of years on the golf course with his dad, who taught him the fundamentals, and inspired a lifetime passion for the game. When Ian’s not out walking the golf course, he enjoys spending time with his fiancée Meghan, and cheering on the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Ian’s daily responsibilities include generating dirt quantities off of topography and following plans from clients. He also builds GPS grading models for our Bulldozers and equipment, and builds 3D models so that our operators can clear and grade every jobsite to the standard that Garrett’s customers insist on!

Ian has been a welcome addition to the Garrett team, and he enjoys the company’s family atmosphere, as well as the numerous employee appreciation events that the company organizes each year. Ian says “It’s a really good place to work, and they take care of their people. They expect us to work hard, but they always show us how much that they appreciate us.”

When we hired Ian Davenport, we made a real “hole in one.” He’s a great example of the customer-driven professional that we’re always looking for, and we look forward to many more great years together. If you’d like the chance to work alongside great people like Ian, you can find a listing of available positions, and apply for employment here. Garrett Excavating is an Equal Opportunity Employer.