We Are

Best On Earth

We were forged from a strong history of excellence; built with smart, hard-working people who dig deep and never settle. As technology advances, we’re locked in on moving with it. We use the safest, strategic methods on every project, every time. A partnership with Garrett Excavation guarantees top-of-the-line results from the best crew on earth.

We Move Mountains

The projects that we work on have a million moving parts. To finish those project, you need the best work done – under-budget, on-schedule, and without cutting corners on quality.

For Excavation Done Fast and Done Right, You Need GarrettX.

Our Technology Finishes the Job Faster!

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Guiding Principles


With 70 Years of Experience

Family, Tradition, and Hard Work

Beneath every home, road, and business is earth and rock. Before each home was built, road was paved, or business was opened, a foundation needed to be laid; ground needed to be broken.

For three generations, Garrett X has specialized in ground-breaking solutions for moving large quantities of earth and rock. With our technologically advanced fleet of heavy-duty equipment, we dig in and get the job done, on time and on budget.

Historical Photo of Grant Garrett

Ground Breaking Careers

Garrett Excavating is proud of our reputation and culture. We hire the best people and provide them with exceptional training and the latest equipment and technology. A steady stream of opportunities and responsibilities allow our team members to learn and expand professionally, putting you on the roadmap to success.