Grading Your Land Has Never Been Easier

When you start a new project, every phase is important, and every phase needs to be done right. That’s why grading and excavation is so critical. Because the site isn’t ready until the site prep is done, and if it isn’t done with 100 percent accuracy, nothing on the site can ever be 100 percent either.

That’s why, when precision matters, the phones at Garrett Excavating start ringing. At Garrett, we’ve got 65 years in the business of grading and excavation, and we’ve got the tools to put with that experience to make us stand out from the pack of grading companies.

At Garrett, we operate a huge fleet of huge, state-of-the-art earth moving machines that can whittle the biggest jobs down to size while our equipment operators have the skill and finesse to do the smallest jobs with precision.

Then we mate that equipment and skill to Topcon 3D-GPS technology, the revolutionary advance in earthmoving technology that enables us to move dirt faster, fill in land more precisely, to grade your site with an accuracy of 1/10 foot. All in one-quarter the time it takes to do it with less accuracy using conventional methods.

What does that mean to you? In business, time is money, and we’ll have you ready to stop digging and start building in a matter of days instead of weeks, at a competitive cost, which saves you both time and money. And by the way, that same technology that enables such speed and accuracy also eliminates the need for additional passes to fine tune the site. It’s fine-tuned the first time.

Molding the environment by pushing dirt around is as old as mankind itself but with space-age technology and three generations in the business, we took the worry out of it. And to see those earth-moving behemoths move with such speed and accuracy defies description; kind of like watching bulls do ballet.

Call Garrett at 501-520-5200 or contact us online and we’ll put our 65 years of experience along with the latest advances in science and technology to work on your next project.