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Four Reasons Why You Should Work For Us

Since 1950, Garrett Excavating has been a leader in Arkansas’ land grading and excavation business. We have a large fleet of state-of-the-art satellite-driven excavation equipment, and you can always find our crews hard at work all over Arkansas.

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Save Money on Your Project With Value Engineering!

You’ve selected the site, made your plans for excavation, and the blueprints have been drawn up. All that’s left to do is to find a quality excavation company to clear and grade your lot, and a quality construction contractor to carry out the plan. But is it ever really that simple?

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Thinking About Grading Your Land? Check This Out!

It’s often said, whatever we do in life, whatever plans we make, whatever projects we tackle, no chain can be stronger than its weakest link and no building can withstand more than its foundation will support. True of life in general, this is particularly true in the construction industry, where things are built today that are intended to serve generations beyond our own.

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Excavating is Our Specialty

When you’re preparing for new construction, you should never leave your land grading and excavation in the hands of just anyone. Making the wrong choice can lead to delays and cost overruns, and the money that you saved on that low bid can disappear in a hurry if you have to call someone else to fix the first contractor’s mistakes. You should always shop around and find the contractor that can do the job right, do it on your schedule, and at a price that you can afford.

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The Largest Jobs are No Problem for Garrett Excavating

The South East is booming with economic development! Local municipalities are continuing to approve large new civic projects, and many local companies are outgrowing their existing facilities. New construction upgrades are a vital part of the growth of our communities, and it’s important to find experienced contractors to do the work. And before construction begins, it’s equally important to find a company that’s experienced and equipped to provide large-scale excavating services.

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Our Clients

Our experience includes work on many of the South's largest earth moving projects.

  • Wal-Mart
  • Union Carbide
  • Stratcor
  • Malvern Minerals
  • Arkansas Department of Corrections
  • St. Joseph's Regional Hospital
  • Great Lakes Chemical
  • Arkansas State Parks and Tourism Department

Our Mission

We're off your site faster so you can start and complete your construction sooner.

  • No time lost from endless setting and resetting of stakes
  • No staking errors
  • Faster completion reduces risk of weather delays
  • Excellent "first-time" accuracy means less surveying
  • Plan changes, adjustments even drawing corrections are easily made right on site
  • Cuts site prep and fine grading time by days -- even weeks!
  • Faster completion for the same cost as slower "stake and grade" companies